"Ben is a talented ideas guy who can craft well too. Always full of energy and up for anything he is a pleasure to work with. He cracked every brief and I'd hire him again."

Mike Nicholson, Executive Creative Director, The&Partnership

"Ben is the real deal. Need a full campaign or a brilliant logo, just watch him laser in on what is essential and powerful. I've worked with Ben on Cancer campaigns, co-operative banking and lots in between. Can't wait to work with him again and again."

Philippe Garneau, President, ECD, GWP Brand Engineering

"If you're looking for an AD who's always searching for the bigger, better, stronger idea, Ben's your man. He's a strong creative thinker who never settles for the first thing that comes to mind. He's conceptual, strategic, entrepreneurial, artistic and an all-around big thinker who isn't afraid to push the limits when it comes to creative problem-solving. Ben's future is bright. If you get a chance to work with him, do it."

Jennifer Nicholson, Senior Writer, No Fixed Address

"Ben was behind the creation and delivery of Fred Victor’s most successful digital campaign, ‘Share a Little Warmth.’ Shortly after the video was uploaded, it immediately went viral. Thanks to Ben’s entrepreneurial nature and the ability to produce a high quality video we had attention drawn to a unique issue – that shelters separate families – people and their pets."

Jane Truemner, Director, Communications and Fundraising, Fred Victor

"Ben was a hard worker who possessed knowledge of advertising strategies and design. He is a great team player, able to work in groups setting or on his own with great success. He was a great asset and fun to work with."

Cameron Robinson, Sales Manager, Beyond Marketing